Colours of Places in Vietnam / by Melany Wimpee

The thing that peaked my interest about the colours of Vietnam was the extreme subtlety. I was shocked by the incredible geographic variation that was created by a complete lack of saturated colour. The entire landscape is covered in a distinct haze of grey/green/blue.

The coastline in northern Vietnam at Ha Long Bay boasts some of the most dramatic hilltops plunging into the water and creating tons of small islands. It is quite possibly the only place I have ever seen that I would describe as monochromatic. It is mostly grey with the slightest tint of greenish blue. The islands fade into the distance in a dense moisture of air forming a layered panoramic.

The countryside in the south is identified by colours that you might expect: tan sand, green plants, blue sky – except toned WAY down. It is almost like a gradient how the soft colour of the sand is picked up in the stocks of the bamboo and the light green of the bamboo blossoms into leaves that flutter with glimpses of the light blue sky. Everything appears to be covered in a light grey coating making the change in colour barely noticeable. Note: I do not have an image that shows this properly so I found this one on the internet and it mostly gets the idea across.

The colours of the light at sunset are just as unique to a place as the colour of the land and daylight. Surprisingly, the otherwise restrained colours of southern Vietnam come to life at dusk. The warm, vibrant orange sunset unveils the blue of the sky and reveals the lush green of the grasses. Water surrounds the tall grass reflecting the momentary transition of the sky as though everything is lit on fire. Note: This picture is in fact blurry. I accepted that there was no way to capture the moment with a camera and was distracted noting every detail in my mind.