The Background: Phantom Diamond / by Melany Wimpee


Design Description

The Phantom Diamond Ring was designed as an exploration of light and shadow. It uses negative space to allow light to pass through, creating the distinct reflection of a diamond on the hand. It is a passing phenomenon that occurs only when the light hits it just right.

The ring offers an untraditional take on a diamond ring. It is a modest, metal band in silver or gold that rejects the notion of jewellery as a status symbol, a theme that repeats throughout MelanyBE’s collections. It creates intriguing questions around what is not there and reveals the intense expectations associated with the symbolic nature of jewellery. The fleeting quality of the diamond’s reflections mirrors the anticipation associated with the tradition of receiving such a ring while rejecting the notion that a diamond is forever.


Light and shadow is one of my favourite things to observe and play around with. I have designed everything from architecture to books investigating momentary shadows. To appeal to the public a design usually needs to be a little familiar and relatable. As a designer I want to push limits and explore new things. Working with ephemeral qualities allows me to design on two levels, meeting both requirements.

This ring is the most popular ring by MelanyBE and has been since it was made a couple of years ago. One of the highlights for me as a jewellery designer was being asked to make a special Phantom Diamond Ring as an engagement ring for a very forward thinking bride-to-be. I have just organised production of this ring in Australia and in silver.