The Background: Nuts&Bolts / by Melany Wimpee


Design Description

With an industrial take on jewellery, the Nuts&Bolts collection uses functional nuts and bolts to create a kinetic ensemble that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Conceived as a “kit of parts”, the minimalist components can be deconstructed for a simple, classic look or constructed to create an avant-garde configuration. By using the nut and bolt to clasp the chain connector piece, the elegant stud can become a double-earring or the ring can become a double-finger ring.

The collection is specifically designed to be highly accessible and personalised. It uses metal chains finished in blackened and polished silver combined with brass and steel nuts and bolts in their original context. The industrial components create an inherently adjustable ring sizes and necklace lengths. The ring bands are available in either translucent grey or opaque black plastic. The untraditional material is a great compliment to the raw, mechanical elements.

Nuts&Bolts is MelanyBE’s first Australia-designed jewellery collection.


Limitations are often the catalyst for creativity. Moving across the globe required me to give up the comfort of working with endless tools and skilled fabricators so I set a challenge to design something that didn’t require any special tools or processes.

I have considered the collection in a variety of materials including leather and metals but ultimately realized the plastic ring band was the most functional and affordable way to achieve the desired look.

I see the collection as a simple base that can be built on further. I would love to develop additional connection pieces to create dangle earrings, chain lengths and necklace charms. I have also designed one additional item to be produced later that will require a few tools... and a torch.