Colours of Places in Australia / by Melany Wimpee

One of the most unique things about places is their colour palette. Each one has something distinct that makes it special to see. I’ve wanted to try to capture the essence of a place using fewer than 10 colours.  Since I have been road-tripping around Australia, I figured it would make the most sense to start with the colours I see time and time again down under.

Inland Victoria has an incredibly saturated blue sky, dark green plants, and tall yellow grasses that look as though they are glistening in the light, nearly white. Every now and again the rich orange/red clay ground peaks through.

Coastal Australia, is characterized by is super clear water revealing its depth overtop the whiter than white sand. The expansive sky pales in comparison to the water below creating a subtle horizon of blue and aqua.

I do not know why but Sydney seems to have a different palette from the rest of Australia. It is a series of royal blues, one more saturated than the next. The white sand is less warm than the rest of Australia. It is more grey like rocks and is perfectly reflected in the materials of the Opera House. There is a line of plantings that looks lush with a cast of the blue that surrounds it.

I haven’t been to the outback yet but I am looking forward to adding it soon