A Long Way From New York / by Melany Wimpee

It has now been a year since I left New York, a restless spirit always looking for a new challenge. I could have never expected this journey, which continues to surprise, inspire, and amaze me.  Never in one place too long, months with limited internet access, in and out of cell phone reception, and sometimes without a phone at all have resulted in more than a few assumptions that maybe MelanyBE has fallen off the face of the earth all together. Here is an overview of the past year:

New York City (packing my life into one suitcase and leaving an impressive shoe collection behind), Playa Del Carmen (I touched turtles while snorkeling!), Jacksonville (my hometown), New Orleans (for a wedding), Nashville (I can’t help it, I LOVE country music), Mexico City (MelanyBE was picked up by two awesome shops!), Paris (I think I saw every architecture/art/fashion that I studied in school), the alps (wow), Melbourne (my new home), Great Ocean Road (where I made up for all the nature I haven’t seen in 8 years living in NYC), Hobart (I can see Melbourne from here), Beechworth (yes I camp sometimes) and Sydney (it is a little prettier than Melbourne but we have better coffee)