The Background: Shark's Tooth / by Melany Wimpee


Design Description

The Shark’s Tooth Ring is designed to create the illusion that a fine band holds the large tooth on the finger. The form is reduced to the simplest connection emphasizing the contrast of the two parts. The tooth is organic, sharp, unpolished, and massive. The band is geometric, smooth, polished and delicate. The ring was designed as a series of explorations between minimalism in two extremes – embracing natural form and seeking refinement in machine-like perfection. Ultimately the tooth is nature’s triangle.

The combination of detailed organic shapes and clean-lined geometries stems from MelanyBE’s previous collections, incorporating the “Animals” theme and the reductive process of the more minimal collections.  As always, it draws from diverse fabrication methods incorporating sculptural elements with constructed ones.

The ring marks the re-introduction of silver to the MelanyBE collection. Appropriate to the tooth motif, the new collections will be made from solid sterling silver. The new level of quality ensures the ring will never chip or fade.

The Shark’s Tooth Ring is created and produced in Australia.


I have always loved sharks’ teeth! I do not know why but ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with looking for teeth at the beach. I decided more than a couple years ago that I wanted to find a way to use a shark’s tooth for a design. I picked up a real tooth in Mexico and brought it with me all the way to Australia. I have seen other jewellery designers use sharks’ teeth and considered scrapping the idea. Ultimately I went ahead with it simply because I wanted to wear it!