Made In / by Melany Wimpee


Made in NYC

Until now the MelanyBE collection has been produced from start to finish in the heart of New York City’s jewellery district. For a bit of context, this is located on the same block as Rockefeller Center aka the setting of one of my favourite shows ’30 Rock’. The precision of the collection is a result of the city’s incredible manufacturing history and the unique resources that remain from that era. The refined finishing comes down to the steady hands of my 90+ year old fabricator, authentic craftsmanship. 

Made in Melbourne

Moving across the world and settling into a temporary lifestyle has put entirely new limitations on producing jewelry. Reducing my life to one suitcase (a quarter full with jewellery samples and mini-pliers) put an end to years of setting up shop. No contacts and no tools. However, wherever I am, design will soon follow. Knowing all too well that the best design navigates tough constraints, I have taken the challenge to design my first collection since leaving New York using just the pliers in my suitcase. Luckily, I have settled in Melbourne which is a rare oasis of quality craftsmanship and great resources. Over the next couple months I will begin local production and distribution.

Rather than seeing travelling and relocating as being a limitation for creating, it will now expand my capacity. The MelanyBE collection will now be made in both New York and Melbourne and will benefit from the best of both worlds.