MelanyBE is borne out of the enjoyment of designing and making. It is a jewellery collection that is inventive and unexpected.

Designed by Melany B Wimpee, the collection draws from her background in jewellery and architecture. After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, she worked in both architecture and jewellery industries in New York City. 

MelanyBE is constantly evolving to include new inspirations and experiences. Melany’s recent travels and oversees move to Melbourne has resulted in new work that explores the cultural implications of design as well as the variations in the process of making in new places.

Exploring new ways of making is a fundamental component of MelanyBE. The collection is created using many traditional methods and fine craftsmanship, but it goes further. It embraces new technologies, makes use of found objects and rethinks what a material can and should be. 

The availability and pricing varies based on production methods and locations. See our shop to see what is currently in production. If you have any inquires for custom pieces, wholesale pricing and minimums, collaborations, media or anything else, feel free to contact us.